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Yearbook & Workshop Services

Services: production, graphic design, logo, mission/vision statement wrapped in a 6 x 8 keepsake.

Yearbook Services


There is NO school year like YOUR OWN SCHOOL YEAR!

And Soul Bite Studio wants to help capture those memories with our  yearbook services.

Our services include:  yearbook production, graphic design, school’s logo, mission/vision statement and personality; wrapped in a 6 x 8 yearbook keepsake. All of our work is customizable, which will make our services stand out from our competitors. 

Yearbook service is uniquely designed to cater to graduating classes of preschool, day care centers, elementary and middle school students.

Allow our company to create a lasting impression for your students with our affordable  yearbook quotes.

Workshop Series

It's time to make a change in your life!  

Do you want to manage your emotions, but just don’t know how?

What if I share with you a secret that is cost-effective in helping you identify self-love; reduce anxiety and help with goal attainment; all from the comfort of your home? 

Would you be all-in!

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